Let's rock!
„Cooking for a better world“

The young chefs’ haven: CookArt Social World

OK young chefs, LET’S ROCK!

Young chefs worldwide now have something special to rely on. What? CookArt Social World is an international association of chefs on a special mission: offering support to young chefs and cooks whilst lending a helping hand to children and youth in need all over the world. How? By opening the doors of professional development as well as personal growth, with an array of training opportunities, networking advantages, meetings and socially responsible events. Why? Because the CookArt cooking network blossomed from the core values of team spirit, motivation, friendship, solidarity and gender competence. In short, CookArt is about fine cooking… and ROCKING TOGETHER!

A cooking network, a circle of friends: CookArt

Who’s behind the CookArt cooking network?

Cooking up a network of over 1.200 members in 21 different countries, all sharing the same goals and philosophy… it takes wit, it takes heart. WACS Global Master Chef Martin Mairhofer had it all, and his idea for an international network developed into CookArt Social World. However, this ever-growing cooking network wasn’t the first of his achievements. His social commitment, ranging from training activities to UNICEF projects, comes with a side of creative inventions such as the natural preservative Vital Activia and the eco-snow sherbet. In the end, it’s all about innovation: a new art of fine cooking for a new art of living.


The gourmet cooking champions

Gourmet cooking is an art, and just as all other forms of art, it blooms and thrives in passion. A genuine, unrepentant passion for food is what turned these champions of fine cooking into Cook Arts. 

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Our news: if it’s food, it must be good

The latest news from CookArt social world

Too merry cooks spoil the guests
Too merry cooks spoil the guests
by CookArt & Brandnamic @HOTEL 2015

CookArt Social World by Martin Mairhofer® was there!

HOTEL 2015, the international trade show for the hotel and hospitality industry in Bolzano, was a great opportunity to thank Brandnamic for their amazing support, and we seized it by doing what we do best: COOKING! 

Every day we gave their top clients a taste of what happens when excellence meets excellence …
… and more excellence: Senoner (hotel supplies), Hotec (kitchen facilities) and Woerndle (food supply) are the fairy cookmothers who made it possible. To them all, our warmest THANK YOU!

Video: CookArt & Brandnamic @HOTEL 2015

CookArt goes trademark!
CookArt goes trademark!

CookArt Social World by Martin Mairhofer ® is an international association of top, highly-motivated chefs committed to voluntary work for the benefit of children and youth. This has always been our heartfelt mission and our priority: our own contribution for a better world.  I am proud to announce that, as the legal expert of this association, I trademarked the name Martin Mairhofer®: another small step towards a better future for children and youngsters worldwide. 

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